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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Slide And Click

I just slid the little pointer over to the "create" icon and clicked and thought about it... slide, click and create. Should it be that easy? Inside we long both for the "slide and click" and the "quill and ink pot" don't we? Isn't that interesting. Sometimes I look at settling for "good" as evil and other times I look at it as not trying to be so perfect that I miss a "moment" or a person. I even try to see it as leaving room for the Holy Spirit at times. Times are important. It's in times that our imperfections lead to His glory. He shows Himself to be the Wonderful that He is. So why not just settle for "good" all the time? Am I hardwired differently and if so why? Perhaps it has something to do with being created in His image. So for now I'll continue to point, click and create and every once in awhile reach for a pen and paper. Most of the time though, I'll blow on my coffee, look across the table into tear-filled eyes and pray.