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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Don't Get Caught With Your Flap Down

Have you ever had anyone drop by to see you unexpectedly and you have laundry everywhere (clean and dirty) and dirty dishes sitting around and oh my, you are caught off guard? This happens to T. and I often, having 2 kids and having told teens they can come by anytime. It can be embarrassing but it is easy to rebound from.

Now what if you find out you have to move - when do you start packing boxes to put in the moving truck when it arrives? Do you wait until the truck pulls up to your curb? Not likely.

Being ready is sometimes important. In Isaiah 54:1-2 there are these instructions to the barren lady to get ready for a crowd. Sometimes God's instructions make no sense; they require Real faith. But if you don't follow them; if you don't get ready what will the outcome be? This lady has to choose if she is going to believe God. If she does then she better start sowing more tenth pieces together to expand her tent. She better start weaving more rope.

If you are a Christian then you are called to be part of what God is doing in redeeming this world. Are you ready? Don't get caught with your flap down.

Follow The Leader

My children and their friends occasionally decide it is time to play follow the leader. The leader will go along just having fun for awhile but then eventually one of them will start trying to make it more and more difficult for those who are following to follow by jumping on one foot on a balancing beam or crawling under something on her belly. It is usually one of the older ones that makes it more difficult for the younger ones.

I was reading in Isaiah 55 this morning and reflecting on how God declares that His ways are higher than mine and His thoughts are higher also. Why both? It got me thinking about some stuff that is said in the NT about our thoughts and actions and how they are connected. Our actions follow our thoughts. We are told to take every though captive and make it obedient to scripture. How will this effect the way we live?

Where our thoughts lead our actions will follow. Take time to play Follow the Leader with some kids today and remember that God's thoughts and ways are not ours. He is God.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I need to post. I have so much to get out of my head - need to create space.