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Monday, August 27, 2007

Omnis Potens Rambles

This is stuff from my study time today.
So there can be no power outside of God.
All power must come from God (horse power, nuclear, etc.)
God's power is limitless.
When we think of sunshine and thunderstorms we tend to think of them in terms of the power of nature like they are somehow separate from God who created them, powers them.
"What we see in the nature is simply the paths God's power and wisdom take through creation." - A.W. Tozer
No one except God is fit to wield absolute power, because no one but God is absolutely good.
Does this give me a sense of courage, comfort or confidence? Why or why not?
Yes and no.
No because it is contrary to my recent experiences, although I must admit they are being viewed through pretty whacked lenses.
Yes because the pressure is off. If there is good to be done through me, in my life, it depends on His power being exerted not my own.
But how does that happen? How do I know when/if I am operating under His power or my own? I think it has something to do with His Goodness and Wisdom; their manifestation.
This leads to dieing to self that He may live in me; I become less so He becomes more. I disappear so that Jesus lives in and through me.
But then I am to be "completely present" and live in the here/now enjoying, treasuring life.
Circles chase one another.
Back to power - it is dependent on hope. It is difficult to say I believe God can make a real difference with my mood swings, my most important relationships. I trust in my own limited power when it comes to areas like my career.
So there is this idea, this reality, that I must "hope" in God to have my strength/power renewed. What does this word "hope" mean?
It means to trust in or look expectantly to.
I hit this wall - how do I hope when I really don't hope?
Then I remember - this is just like faith - I can't generate faith. I can't create faith. I can't, in and of myself, even believe in God - no, it is a gift, a gift, from God.
Hope is cut from the same clothe as faith. I can't make myself hope. I can't just try harder or go through some special process and get hope. Hope is a gift from God to be asked for and received.
I am powerless without God, completely and utterly.
So why do I beat myself up for not trusting Him?
...ask and it shall be added unto you...