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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Run Run As Fast As You Can...

Yesterday I said to my wife "I wish I would blog" and she said "then why don't you?" to which I had no good answer.

Not much time to write today but I wanted to put some words down. I don't know if you can relate but for the past few years there has not been very many times when I haven't felt like I was in over my head. Today I am feeling it more than usual. Too many roles to play, too little time, too little discipline.

I wish I could make enough money at one of those "Do you want fries with that?" jobs to take care of my family. My job seems to demand so much of me that I always feel torn between being a good Husband and Dad or being a good Youth Minister. I can't seem to do well at all of them at the same time.

So today I must go shopping for my Youth Group Kick Off on Sunday, and make about a million calls to get people to do stuff to get ready for it at the last minute. I wish I would put more time into planning.

And this being a "control freak" thing - there ought to be a pill I can take to make it go away!

So when I am so focused on "programming" that I don't have enough time to focus on "relationships" I get frustrated. I have teens that I want to spend time with and parents too but I just don't have the emotional energy reserves to invest lately.

"If it is of God it will succeed; if it is of man it will pass away." My boss said that to me awhile back and expected it to bring comfort... hmm....