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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm Proud To Be An American Craft Man

Yesterday after work I bit the bullet and went to the VA Medical Center in Durham. I abhor going to the VA. VA visits always manage to send me in a mood spiral and I end up in a super nark. Yesterday was no exception. The VA is a lot like I remember the Navy and Army - hurry up and wait. It just takes forever to see a doctor and then when you do they have to go check on "things" which takes forever. The other thing that makes me nuts is the place is so dreary with the fluorescent lighting and old chairs carpet and paint. And here is something that puzzles me - why are all the magazines in the waiting room from 2005 and before? Someone should throw them all out. I wish I had.

If you ever get a chance (actually you need to be intentional and "make" a chance), take the magazines around your house or office (recent one's mind you) down to a VA Medical Center waiting room and put them around on the tables or in the magazine racks. I'm tempted to subscribe to some cool car magazines just to do so myself.

You would think magazine publisher, in a act of appreciation and patriotism, would just send a couple of subscriptions to some of the VA Medical Centers. Maybe they do and they just don't make it to the waiting rooms/lobbies. Maybe they do and people start reading them in the waiting room/lobbies and take them home with them. Then all that is left is the June 2005 Country Homes.

I did learn how to make an antique looking candle holder out of 2 old soup cans though...


Blogger bpr said...

Just for you Murph, I will take my old BusinessWeek mags to a hospital or VA or something. Say hey to JC for me.

10:04 PM  

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